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What is a showerliner? Also known as a bathliner or bathtub liner, a showerliner is a new, innovative way to remodel your bathroom – by allowing us to install a durable, stylish, and custom molded acrylic bath system directly over your existing shower.

At 24 Hour Bath, your new showerliner can be ready to use in - you guessed it - 24 hours! Unlike a traditional shower installation, showerliner installations don’t require the demolition of your existing shower or bath. This means less mess, less money…and yes, less stress when you enlist the services of our Los Angeles shower installation experts.

Our BCI® showerliner products are made from the highest grade, non-porous acrylic, which is designed to be:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Chip resistant
  • BStain and fade resistant
  • OFree from water stains

…And most importantly, easy to clean – 100% mold and mildew resistant!

Plus, the quality and durability of our showerliners are backed up with a written guarantee! With this groundbreaking remodeling method, your “new” shower can cost less than half the price of a traditional shower installation. Let us show you how easy a bathtub or shower remodel can be.

For more information on our Los Angeles shower installation services, contact 24 Hour Bath at 888-458-2284 to request a free bathroom remodeling estimate!